Fully fermented Bean
Slatey Bean
Partly Slatey Bean

A fully fermented bean range from partly - purple and brown to an even chocolate - brown colour with cotyledons open and dried to less than 7.5% moisture content. When the shell is removed from the bean the inside of the shell is stained. For export quality fully fermented cocoa beans the weight must not be less than 1gm per bean.

A fully slatey bean is an unfermented bean that has not been through any form of fermentation process. These beans can be recognized by the slatey grey colour on half or more of the surface exposed by a cut made lengthwise through the center and the cheesy texture of the cotyledons. A party slatey bean is a bean which has been imperfectly fermented. In colour it is part grey and part purple.

Purple Bean
Over Fermented Bean
Mouldy Bean
Fully purple bean is a bright purple colour, and may have the cheesy texture of slately beans. Such beans are insufficiently fermented and are rarely found when normal large - scale methods are properly used.  Some over fermented beans are dark brown in colour others, tend to be a pale yellow - brown colour. Over fermented beanscan be corrected by shortening the time of the fermentation process. A foul odor emanates from over fermented beans. Over fermented beans can be also caused by being dried to slowly. Mould is visible to the naked eye on the internal parts of this bean. Yellow mould is generally caused by beans becoming wet and being left in a soggy condition. Grey mould is normally caused from insufficient drying especially when bagged from the dryer when there is still moisture in them. The main caused of mould in beans in sufficient drying.

Germinated Bean
Infested or Insect Damaged Bean
Flat Bean or Shriveled Bean
Germinated beans are cocoa beans the shell of which has been pierced by the growth of the seed germ. These are cocoa beans the internal parts of which are found to be containing insects at any stage of development or to show signs of damage caused by these insects, which are visible to the naked eye. Flat or shriveled beans are cocoa beans the cotyledons of which are too thin to be cut to give a surface of cotyledon.